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When it comes to land, the professional team at Gilbert Technical Services Inc can give you precise data that can be instrumental to your sale or purchase. Every day our team works with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to uncover the most accurate results.


Call today and schedule a FREE consultation. Your best bet to a successful land deal is to allow our team to give you the results you need, quickly and efficiently.

GPS mapping for a variety of parcels

Whether you are working with an undeveloped parcel of land or you need to measure a potential construction site, our team can make your job easier.

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Accurate results

FREE consultation for all jobs

Start your project off right, with a FREE consultation and learn about how accurate mapping and boundary surveys can work for you. Our results are quick, call today!

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Help establishing land boundaries

Do you know exactly how far your land extends? For individuals to buy or sell a parcel of land, this information is imperative and can be instrumental in pricing.

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Quick and efficient land data

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